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Team Building

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Teambuilding and group activities enhance employee efficiency. You can trust our talented team to design and facilitate and imaginary teambuilding experience for you. We customize programs to meet and exceed your goals. No matter how big or small the groups, what type of activity or program you desire. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a successful event. 

Stories for Teams Workshop

Stories for Teams Workshop: The Power of Finding and Developing the Organization's Stories

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Offers multiple opportunites for attendees to interact
  • Helps attendees identify strengths
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration
  • Stresses the importance of a strong organizational narrative 

Workshop Overview:

Storytelling is an important workplace skill. Stories can and should tell the corporate culture, sell products, or get people on the same page, a powerful narrative can change not only how people think but also how they feel. The interactive workshop uses enhances teamwork and frames an organizational story. Attendees will learn about each other, examine team strengths, use body language to enhance a message, and craft several organizational narratives of varying lengths.

At the Conclusion of the Workshop:

Participants should be able to:

  • Explain how storytelling enhances the organizational culture
  • Identify strenghts of the organizational teams
  • Craft narratives both internal and external to the organization

Workshop Outline:

1. Learning the art of Storytelling:

If you feel like there is something missing for your communication style, it maybe the way you are telling your story. Storytelling is an ancient art, used since the dawn of time to communicate, connect, and inspire. Here we will explore the value and successes of storytelling.

2. Organizational Storytelling:

Here we will learn how to craft a brand story that is relevant to your business. We will explore four main types of stories: "Pitch to Investors, Organize your Internal Team, Guide the Outward Message, and Give People a Reason to Care"

3. The Driveway Moment:

In this section, we will explore how to create the driveway moment - that experience for the listener when the story is so good, it makes them pause what they are doing just hear it through to the end.

4. Storytelling for Business and Life:

In this section, we will learn the steps and practical guidelines for creating those memorable stories that tell the organizational story and create purpose with employees and desire in customers. 

Group Team Building Events

Programs customized to meet your needs. We can any size group

Event Outcomes:

  • Stronger Relationships thru shared Experiences
  • Building Team Cohesiveness
  • Strengthening the Bonds of the Team
  • Positive team Interactions

Event Overview:

If you are looking for an event that will make your team go "wow" and not "why?" Then our event planning team is just for you. We know that a cookie cutter event will not do and you need something unique to fit your needs. We work with you to create a relevant solution that gets your team interacting with one another in a non-intimidating way. Our events are turnkey solutions for you with handholding, so you are free to take care of everything else you have to juggle. We provide tailored events that will deliver shared experiences for your team to build stronger relationships and a better work environment. 

At the Conclusion of the Event:

Participants will have:

  • Had too much fun for one day
  • Built stronger bonds with other team members
  • Have many shared experiences that will be the basis for a more positive work environment


Below are some of the hundreds of events we can facilitate.

  • Outrageous Olympics Winter and Summer
  • The Amazing Race
  • Race Car Rally
  • Battle of the Air Bands
  • Charitable Team Building Events